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      • BROADCAST NOW DIRECTORY - links for jobs, guidelines  and news about the uk industry;

  • BFI - British Film Institute;
  • BAFTA - British Acamdemy of Television Arts;
  • THE INTERNET MOVIE DATABASE - a list of all the major productions worldwide with a credit search facility;
  • MULTIMAP - a useful site for travelling and location search. Plugin your address and it will show your exact location on a map. Plug in two addresses and it will give you exact directions from one place to the other;
  • CINEMATOGRAPHY ONLINE - site and mailing list where cinematographers can exchange their point of view on any topic;
  • BBC's FOOTAGE - the online database for BBC library sales;
  • ITN's ARCHIVE - comprises ITN's entire back-catalogue since the company was formed in 1955;
  • BRITISH PATHE - one of the world's leading archive which covers news, sport, social history and entertainment from 1896 to 1970;
  • NUJ - MEDIA UNIONS - contains one of the most comprehensive media directories on the Internet with some invaluable links for journalists;
  • EQUITY - provides a range of support services from negotiation with employers to recruitment services to insurance support;
  • OPTEX - international sales and hire services;
  • PAG - manufacturer of NiCad and NiMH batteries and chargers;
  • BIRNS AND SAWYER - site full of cameraman's 'toys';
  • TVLINK - time lapse stock footage;
  • CAMERACREWS.COM - directory of crews worldwide;
  • BROADCAST VIDEO - listing of freelance videographers and sound technicians;
  • FAT CAT - British Film and Television Production and Post Production listing;
  • GUILD OF TV CAMERAMEN - some usefull information for and about TV cameramen;
  • REGIONAL FILM & VIDEO - website for the film and television / video industry in the United Kingdom and Ireland including 14,000 company listings, the latest National & Industry news, recruitment and free Internet access;
  • MANDY.COM - probably the best film/TV Production resource: film production jobs, facilities listed by territory, classified ads, equipment sales;
  • MEDIA PERSONNEL - free worldwide database of media freelancers;
  • MY ENTERTAINMENT WORLD - global resource for the special needs of film, television, theatre, models, talents, performers... plus Casting Calls & Jobs;
  • SHOOTS.COM - film and video production crew resource to find professional film or video production crews and facilities in the USA, Canada, Europe, Asia, Pacific, South America or the world.
  • TV CAMERAMEN - professional cameramen's website full of recourses, information, news and features.
  • UK SCREEN - huge directory of UK film makers, crew, actors, actresses, agents, production companies and music talents. Film and music uploads, downloads, streaming and playing. Web page creation with photo and showreel. UK screen offers casting, crewing, production, networking, promotion and distribution services;
  • VISUALNET - international Film, TV and Media Industry links;
  • TVZ CAMERA CREWS - information and contacts for the TV industry;
  • PRODUCTION BASE - TV and Film recruitment;
  • FILMFESTIVALS.COM - lists all major film festivals around the world;
  • DV.COM - the best site out there for DV news about technology, reviews. A good way to keep up to date with the revolutionary format and its implication on the wider broadcast market
       • CENTRE NATIONAL DE LA CINEMATOGRAPHIE (CNC) - French cinematography centre;
  • MINISTERE DE LA CULTURE ET DE LA COMMUNICATION - French ministry of culture and education;
  • INA - French national archive centre;
  • MINISTERE DES AFFAIRES ETRANGERES, ESPACE CULTUREL - French foreign ministry, cultural section;
  • CSA - French Audio-Visual council;
  • LEGIFRANCE - resource for French legal procedures concerning productions;
  • 51, RUE DE BERCY - a big new cultural project in Paris;
  • UNIFRANCE - promoting French cincema worldwide;





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